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Whakapapa Walking Tracks Shuttle


Explore & Discover Whakapapa’s Diverse Hiking Paradise!

Trip Details

Whakapapa Village

Whakapapa Village has an abundance of things to do and see. It’s the main access point into the Tongariro National Park and it is the gateway to Mt Ruapehu. Visitors can enjoy hiking tracks and explore the Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre. As well as site seeing or skiing on Mt Ruapehu.

The Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre offers expert information on the local area and activities. Including hiking tracks, weather conditions and ski field information. Inside the Visitor Centre is a fantastic 3D model of the National Park as well as exhibits on the volcanoes, Māori mythology and Flora and Fauna. You can also watch short movies on the story of the original gifting of the National Park and the Area’s unique volcanic history. This is where you purchase hut tickets for the Northern Circuit as well as topographical maps and brochures.

Whakapapa Village Walking Tracks

In and around Whakapapa Village there is a range of short walking tracks from 20 mins, to longer tracks up to 6 hours.

Short Walks

Whakapapa Nature Walk – 15 min loop track.

Longer Walks
Ridge Track – 30-40 min return.
Taranaki Falls – 2 hrs return.
Whakapapanui Track – 2 hrs return.
Silica Rapids – 2.5 hrs return.
Tama Lakes – 5-6 hrs return.

Advanced Track
Whakapapaiti Valley – 4-5 hrs return.

National Park Shuttles

There are so many options for a full day or a half day in the Tongariro National Park. Whakapapa Ski Area has spectacular scenery which can be accessed via the Sky Waka gondola (charges apply).

We have 3 shuttles to Whakapapa Village each day, with 2 return times. So you have Full Day or Part Day options available.